NOAA Hi-Def Radar Pro App Reviews

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Awesome app for tracking severe weather

Love the Radar, but the forecast is poor.

Tomorrows forecast in my area from this app calls for a 100% chance of rain. Interesting because the same apps hourly forecast shows no sign of rain. The app also indicates a zero percent chance. Love the radar but just cant understand the forecast!


I did this to make this seen it is terrible unless you want to see the

Pin Drop Fault

I am trying to add a 4th Pin Drop location and the App will not allow it. I am selecting an address from my Address Book and have typed in the address. The App will not add the address.

Low Resolution Worthless Radar

Basically, pass on this app. Given the title of the app describes it as having"hi def" radar, it is extremely disappointing. Download any of the other apps under a search for "radar" on the app store and they will be far superior to this one with regard to radar resolution.

Not Very Accurate

The radar is the reason this app doesnt get 1 star. It falls short in every other aspect as a weather app. The five-day forecast is never right as well as the hourly forecast. The iPhones stock weather app is more accurate than this. Dont waste your money.

Eh used to be more accurate

This used to be my go to app for weather I got it when It was $.99. But lately it hasnt been accurate it hasnt been my favorite weather app anymore The radar sluggish and incorrect there also has it been an update in a very long time and Im very disappointed with that please fix issues

Did TWC buy this app too?

This used to be my go to app for weather and now it doesnt function properly most of the time and its become inaccurate when it does work. Ive found the regular iOS weather app to be more reliable. What a joke.

Work great

The only bad thing is weak notification sounds. Not much to get your attention. Works fine on my IOS

Best Fishing Times not working

I like the app but the 1.99 charge for best fishing times isnt working. Please assist.

Another Orphaned Application.

Havent seen an update in well over a year and support doesnt reply to emails. My collection of paid purchase orphan apps keeps getting larger and larger. Anyone purchasing this app needs to know its shelf life is limited do to lack of updates and support. I wish Apple would place some form of required support from app developers to maintain a position within the App Store, i.e. no active support no listing in the App Store.

Excellent app

Very reliable

Save your money

Free apps offer more up-to-date and more accurate information.

Not worth it

Seeing past radar is not worth it. Was hoping for future and even past had bugs and showed nothing after a monstrous storm. Save your $

Great for tornado warnings

You can see the swirl of tornados on the radar and it pins your location. I track the path of tornadoes near me to see if I need to take shelter or not. Excellent app. I chose this one over any other radar app.

The weather channel app is better

I bought this app in hopes to get a more precise prediction. The radar works fine but it (for some reason) wont give an hourly forecast. Highly disappointed I paid money for it. Also, this isnt the easiest app to use, pretty difficult to navigate.

Wrong weather forecast

I really wanted to like this app but it shows thunderstorm when I am looking outside and it is sunny. I deleted it and went back the Weather Channel for my storm and severe weather alerts. If they can fix the accuracy of the weather then I would give it a try again.

Close but yet so far

Widget keeps crashing. Ive tried the in app support feature but after a week I havent received a response.. time to delete the app and move on.


Ive been using this app for over a year and its almost always frustrating. It takes forever to load, temperature is rarely accurate, it takes several minutes to find my location, it often shows my location in areas that I have saved but that Im not currently located in. Im pretty disappointed with this app and have finally decided to move on.

After using it for well over a year, goodbye!

Simply fed up with this app. At first it was just the hideous menus that lacked any thought during development toward user friendliness. Then it was the bad user interface for the map itself. The whole reason for using it. The last straw was the long load times for information and the complete lack of cloud cover information in the states I tried to use it. Done. Over. Out.

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