NOAA Hi-Def Radar Pro App Reviews

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Live radar not accurate

I bought this app because I figured when you purchase something it should be better than a free app especially from NOAA. I work at a racetrack and we rely heavily on knowing when rain is about to hit the track surface. Its never accurate. It will show our entire area is green with rain and its dry or itll be pouring down and showing a clear spot. I get just as good reports from free apps. Wish I could get a refund.

iOS 10

Needs to be optimized for iOS 10.


This app was once great. Now it is becoming somewhat unreliable. The widget freezes and does not open sometimes. Because of this it will get no more than three stars from me and will not stay on my phone. Also, it is 7Dec2016. Your last update was in 2015. If youre not going to keep it updated, then get the app out of the store and stop telling lies about this wether app being so great.

Generally very good

Overall I enjoy this app and find it very useful. I do wish the interface was better regarding layers. When multiple storm warnings & aviation layers overlap, there is no easy way to select an individual layer to view.

This app is sleek, fast & uses a very small footprint.

However, I really think it should push text messages & sound loud, audible alerts for tornado watches & warnings, especially warnings! I strongly suggest you integrate the components of your "NOAA Weather Alert" App with this App. The combination of both apps features would create one impressive, powerful app plus it would alluringly eliminate the need to pay for two apps. There are many free weather apps that offer both, radar plus localized weather alerts. I prefer yours because youve kept it simple and fast with a small footprint. However, without the audible alarm facet for tornadoes, I am planning to change to an app that includes it. Please give my suggestion some serious thought and become the most creative weather app hands down! One for which I would gladly pay a small fee.

Norr hd

I love this weather app

Great App

I always turn to Hi-Def for an up to date look at the current weather. Absolutely the most vivid & clear view.

Not so great

Seems the developers couldnt even get the date right in the display. And theres fewer features than the free one. Didnt like the color mapping either Just went through hurricane Matthew and this app was useless as it kept jamming up giving me botched displays and didnt even describe in the cone of probability any information on the hurricane strength. It also tends to clutter your screen with the names of insignificant towns and villages making it hard to see much of anything


Works OK most of the time, cant remember what I paid, but the free apps are just as good.

Great app!

I would like to see a "distance measurement" tool -- i.e. the user can trace a line between any two points on the map and the app would display a distance between the two points.

Live around Hurricane Matthew?

If you live around Hurricane Matthew, GET THIS APP. NOT THE OTHERS. CAT 4 OR 5 STORMS WILL KILL YOU


I like this app...But since the second (smaller) IOS 10 update...It shuts down when I try to add a location from my address book, thoughts?

Great app, but problems under ios10

Seems to have problems when using ios10

Good, but developer has ignored updates.

Considering there hasnt been an update to the app in over a year as of this review, Im skeptical the developer is even paying attention to the app anymore. It has been my go-to app for radar and severe weather information for a number of years now, but lately it has been stumbling. Severe weather alerts (warnings and watches) almost never load their content anymore. Please update the app and make it current!

Radar Update

Can you please install a button that forces the radar to update because the app apparently does not know enough to do it by itself? If there is already such a button, can you please move it to a location where it can be found?

Worthless for radar

I dont typically write reviews unless an app is really good or really bad. This one was a waste of money for radar. Id dye on my boat from the storm before it shows on the radar. My Radar is far better.

Dont bother with the Apple Watch app

For the iPhone, the app is just fine, though I can supplement my needs with free app equivalents. For the watch its horrible. No radar animation or timestamps in glance, so I have no idea when or what Im looking at. Inside the watch app theres animation but its hours behind. Again no timestamps. I have no need to watch radar animation from 2 hours ago...

Great app

This is a great app, however I find my temperature readings to be off! One area this app lacks is the option to show weather fronts.

Good, but not good enough

Being in Hawaii, only showing the National Hurricane Centers Eastern Pacific storm tracks misses the mark because once a tropical cyclone crosses into the Central Pacifics area of responsibility, it no longer shows the projected storm track. This is a MAJOR fail.

Dont buy if you live in KC area

Bought this during a storm when I realized I didnt have access to a weather radio. I live in the kc area. Only radio station offline was the kc one. Still offline a week later. Must have trouble with this as there is listed an alternate kc. Both offline although only one shows offline. Disappointed.

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