NOAA Hi-Def Radar Pro App Reviews

99 add

Best For Quickly Visualizing Precip. And Alerts

As promised, radar and satellite data shows up quickly and is easy to manipulate. This is a very slick app with lots of options. I use it in conjunction with Weather Channel and Dark Sky.

Dont bother

There are plenty of FREE apps out there from NOAA and others that are as good or better than this one. Even at three bucks, it is overpriced.

Great app

I use this app all the time.. Highly recommended.

Glances dont work!!!!!!

Glances dont update on this at all what a waste!

Update made a good app, crap

Tons of adds, deleted all my saved locations and constant pop ups to upgrade. Deleted from device and hidden in my purchased apps. Will find a replacement.

Nice app on phone and watch. Notification widget has a bug

Love the app. The widget on the notifications bar is pretty cool too. I noticed that on that widget though it doesnt show the radar? It has a spot for it and shows the map but no overlay of the current radar until I go into the app? Very nice idea though!

Lightning strikes inaccurate

The lightning strikes are in accurate and it misses some altogether. I bought this for safety reasons at work and it falls short.

Great app.

Love this weather radar app.

Forecast Discussion

...DOES NOT LOAD!!! The main feature I use from the website pages isnt working on this app that I paid for!! Get it working right!!

Radar is the best

I use this app only for the radar. Other information, like forecasts, is difficult to find. However, it has the most accurate radar that I have discovered. I live in a rural area subject to violent thunderstorms & tornadoes. I need to be able to see approaching weather & have a warning. This provides what I need. I used Weather Channel MAX for my daily & weekly forecasts but since it was deleted, Im seeking another app for that. For radar coverage, this app is great. Once in a while, it loads slowly or has an issue, but Ive had it for 4 years now & have been happy overall with it.

Great App

I love this app, it has what i want in a weather app. In a future update, i would like to see an option that allows me to see High/Low pressure systems, as well as warm and cold fronts

Great App

Works really well and seems to be very accurate. Many settings make the app highly customizable to your liking. One of the few apps that actually over delivers!


Slow to load, if it even will sometimes. Save your money!

Its great now

Ive been having it for years. A few ups and downs but updates make everything better. I recommend it.

Very good radar

Ive used several radar apps but this one remains the best. It loads very quickly and the colors are adjustable. Also, the fact that it loads so quickly most likely means it uses less data than most yet it provides high detail radar info. Excellently done!

More stars...

.... When conversion to Celsius degrees is restored. Please fix!

Maybe more useful in US

I am now living in Europe. Downloaded this app because it got a great review plus it works on Apple Watch. BUT the app is useless here in EU. Maybe it will work better once I relocate back to the States


Does not give metric readings for all gauges.

Cannot even get location correct

Come on its not even showing proper location or city where I am located. During the storms in North Texas it was completely inaccurate. Waste of money!!

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